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How to Do Quality Testing of Lithium-ion Battery Cells

Posted on 24 07 ,2019 

Testing of Lithium-ion Battery Cells

In order to inspect quality of lithium-ion battery cells and be able to readjust a wide variety of environmental influences, this requires Temperature humidity test , IPX9K test, thermal shock test, corrosion test and IP environmental test.

To check the IP class, need IP test equipment included dust ingress test chamber and water spray test chambers to perform IP testing. We recommend our dust chamber DI-1500 and IPX9K test chamber.

To temperature climate varies, need temperature humidity test chamber and thermal shock test chamber, LIB TH series chamber TH-225 and thermal shock chamber TS-500 are suitable.

To check corrosion test, cyclic salt spray corrosion test chamber is suitable for test, LIB models SC-010 is quite good for you.

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