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Cyclic Corrosion Fog Spray Chamber (SO2 gas)


Cyclic salt spray chamber is different from basic salt spray test chamber.Cyclic corrosion test chamber exposes sample to a series of different environments in repetitive cycles that incorporate temperature , humidity, salt spray and dry. Accelerated corrosion test methods included ASTM B117, ASTM BG85, ISO9227, IEC60068-2-52, iec61701-2, ISO7253 and many others.

SC series corrosion chambers are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access. All models are automated, and can working continuously.various models can meet different test requirements.


  • Pneumatic open /close lid
  • Material is Glass fiber reinforced plastics (corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance)
  • Temperature measure, control and display Unit, temperature from +10℃ to +90℃
  • Humidity measure, control and display Unit, humidity from 30%RH to +98%RH
  • Salt fog measure and control, 1 to 2 ml/80cm2.h
  • Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
  • Ethernet access & USB(option)
  • Casters and holders are standard
  • SO2 gas measure and control(option)
  • Protection system
  • Standard and custom.
  • CE mark


Product Details

Salt spray system
The spray tower is adjustable in height and spray volume to meet different test standards.
Quartz nozzles are easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and clogging.
Spray pressure is 83KPA according to the standard.


Application Area

Cyclic Corrosion Fog Spray Chamber (SO2 gas) is widely used in automobile, aerospace, electronics, paintings, battery, navigation industry, for testing the corrosion resistance and service life of the product by simulating accelerated corrosion environment.


Model SC-010 SC-016 SC-020
Internal dimensions (mm) 800*1450*680 1000*1600*800 1000*2000*900
Overall dimensions (mm) 1400*2500*1720 1600*2650*1840 1600*3050*1940
Temperature range 10℃ ~90℃
Humidity range 30% ~ 98% RH
Temperature tolerance +/- 2.0 ℃
Humidity tolerance +2%,-3%
Salt concentration tolerance ±1%
Spray deposition 1~2ml / 80cm2 · h
Controller Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
Cooling system Mechanical compression refrigeration system
Spraying system Atomizer tower and Spray nozzles  (Fog is more fine and uniform distribution)
Interior /Exterior material Glass fiber reinforced plastics
safety device

Humidifier dry-combustion protection; over-temperature protection;

over-current protection; Refrigerant high-pressure protection; Water shortage protection,

Earth leakage protection;

Power Supply AC 380V 50HZ
Test standard IEC60068-2-52, IEC61701-2, ASTM G85,ISO 7253



3 Years Warranty, Lifelong Follow-up Services

LIB test chambers product all provide a three-year long-term warranty, and lib provides free maintenance and after-sales service within three years from the date of purchase.



Professional customer service team, sales staff, after-sales team to solve customers’ problems online at any time.  We set up agent centers and local service centers to improve service efficiency.

LIB Industry concentrates on providing the Turn-key solution for environmental testing, that research, design, producing, commissioning, delivery, install and training, provide the whole products and service according to customer’s requirements. Tell us what you need, let us help you.

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