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PV Panels Environmental Simulation Test

Posted on 21 05 ,2020 


PV Panels are made by connecting together photovoltaic(PV)cells or solar cells.They are manufactured from semiconductor materials like crystalline silicon.Solar modules convert the light energy captured from the sun into electric energy.The electric energy so produced is used for lighting residential and commercial establishments.


As of 2010, PV Panel is in use in hundreds of countries around the world,with this growth,there will be an increased need for photovoltaic testing services to confirm new products meet consumer demands for safety and performance. A growing market is also likely to mean increased regulatory demands—something that will require reliable performance and industry expertise to keep up with.

Properly testing your solar panels is a very important but often overlooked procedure.You wouldn’t believe how many people completely skip testing solar panels and forget to confirm their solar power output before installing them.

Environmental test chamber is for PV panels thermal cycling, humidity freeze cycle, and damp heat RH testing, to test whether PV modules can withstand high temperature with humidity and low temperature, to test its fatigue and thermal failure after temperature repeated changes to confirm its thermal stress PV modules generated under high humidity circumstance and capability of long-term resistance to moisture penetration. This test chamber can insure that you don’t waste your time installing panels that you’ll have to take down and fix.

Following test standard environmental test chamber for PV panels

IEC 61215


Environmental test chamber is for PV panels thermal cycling, humidity freeze cycle, and damp heat RH testing.

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