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Accelerated Weather Resistance Testing

Posted on 27 05 ,2020 


Long-term exposure to environmental factors can cause degradation of protective materials such as paints and coatings. The materials achieve cracking, discoloration, deformation and other aging phenomena. LIB produces photo-aging test chambers for accelerated weathering tests, including UV testing, xenon arc testing and other weathering tests.

Accelerated weather resistance test method uses professional testing equipment to simulate extreme weather conditions, control light intensity, temperature, humidity and cycle test time and other factors, radiometer susceptor to detect radiation, high accuracy, and accelerate weather resistance. Environmental influences can cause color changes, cracking, corrosion, and deterioration of the exterior and interior of the product.

Our accelerated weathering test service

The weathering process can affect almost any type of material exposed to environmental factors. Accelerated weathering evaluates the performance of these materials under extreme conditions and provides documented comparative basis and detailed information that may be critical to production plans and specifications.
LIB provides accelerated weather resistance testing. The testing conditions meet the testing standards of various industries. The equipment meets the tripartite quality inspection and meets the CE and ROHS certifications.

Accelerated aging test method

Xenon arc test
   The Xenon Environmental Test Chamber simulates the weathering process of materials exposed to sunlight indoors and outdoors. This test is suitable for applications where protective materials such as paints and coatings are subject to high levels of UV degradation.

UV test
   The UV exposure test uses a fluorescent UV lamp weathering device to simulate exposure to natural sunlight. This test measures the effect of ultraviolet light on the mechanical properties of the product.

Other weather resistance test
   Salt spray test (salt spray corrosion test chamber)
   Corrosion test (ozone and toxic gas test chamber)
   Sand and dust test (sand and dust test chamber)


salt spray corrosion test、 ozone corrosion test and sand test on the test piece of protective materials.

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